10 Reasons you should rent a Van with Van Man

1. Up front, more affordable fees you can see online instead of having to call!

2. Unlimited mileage for all vans.

3. Pickup, drop off and customer service available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. (8AM-8PM)

4. Easy texting customer service at 423-432-0116.

5. All vans have tow hitches with wiring at no additional cost.

6. Onstar Emergency Services availability that will provide automatic crash support, emergency services that can pinpoint your exact location, crisis assistance and roadside assistance.  We can also unlock your van if you lock your keys inside. All this is included at no additional cost.

7. No line to wait in, van is unlocked and ready for you 5-10 minutes prior to your arrival so long as you text us. Just get in, inspect and go!

8. No Paperwork to fill out. All processing is done online and through your phone.

9. All vans are 15 Passenger Vans.

10. All vans rented for 2 days or more are no older than 4 years old.

About The Van Man


After my double decker tour bus broke down I needed a 15 passenger van to accomplish my mission.  I walked to the nearest car rental agency expecting an easy van rental.  I didn't get it. That's when I saw an opportunity.

Stop waiting for better service.  Get with the PLAN and call the D&*N VAN MAN.

Rufus Marye